Monday, June 23, 2008

Picture: worth a thousand words.

Thing 5: In reading lately that women's rights are in peril, I came upon a picture of several Indian women sheltered together against a fierce, stinging sandstorm. In cultures where women's opinions are discarded as "mere women's emotions," or their wisdom and rights discarded altogether, women resort to the company of their children or other women, and that kinship is strong. This picture certainly suggests it. The women have beautifully colored and ornamented clothing, their veils across their faces to aid their breathing. But the grey, cruel storm around them is a stark contrast.

It's a fact that art often is beautiful in its depiction of things that are dangerous or heartbreaking in life. Such is the photograph...and after 15 minutes of wrangling with Flickr, I cannot download it into this blog! I think the photo file is too big. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I don't, but I also had problems with some pics--the whole link would not copy or I would copy it and then it would say "invalid image". I just kept trying--maybe try saving it into Adobe and resizing it, and then post it as an upload from your hard drive, instead of from an HTML.
I had to do that to move my avatar because I could not get that thing to move or's supposed to be easier, right?!

LauraAnn said...

It shouldn't be that difficult! Send me the link and let's see if we can work out the kinks!

Tiger Lilly said...

Did you try embedding the link to the photo in your blog instead of trying to insert the photo? Now I'm curious to see it!!! BTW, love your Avatar :)

Renae Perkins

mathhorse said...

I'm very curious to see this photo too. I hope you are successful. I had problems with some photos too, but found they were copy right protected because they didn't have the size button on top. If the size button is on top of the photo it is a snap, but without it I just got blank pages.